Travel Shoes – The Multifunctional Tropicfeel

A pair of shoes for every occasion, they say. True. I will slip on my winter boots when it snows, my sneakers for sports, my sandals in summer, my boots when it rains, and so on and so forth. But what would be my ideal travel shoes? A single pair of shoes that would allow me to do all type of different activities out there!

Backpacker’s Travel Shoes

I do not agree with having to carry 5 pairs of shoes when traveling. As a backpacker, I aim to preserve my spine and avoid any type of back related problems. I confess that I have dreamt about traveling with one single multifunctional pair of shoes almost as much as I have wished for world peace. And if my second wish is still far from becoming reality, it does seem that my dream travel shoes have finally made it on the market! Check out the article I had the pleasure to write for them on the link below.

Your opinion matters

So don’t forget to leave me a comment, because I would love to hear your opinion! What do you think about traveling with one single pair of shoes? Is it your dream too? Or do you prefer traveling with multiple pairs of shoes, to avoid boredom? Does traveling with one unique pair of shoes stresses you? And what do you think about the Tropicfeel Monsoon Sneakers? Do you find them stylish? Practical? Both? None of it? There are no wrong answers 🙂

About hate, and what do we do about it

The photos featured with this article are not mine, they have been downloaded from the member of Parliament of Bengal Derek O’Briens’ Twitter account.

About a week ago, a terrible hate crime occurred in Kansas, United States. It was perpetrated against 2 Indians engineers (read the New York time article here). Only one of them survived, leaving the entire Indian community in grief. The president of the United States remained silent, but not the people around the world.
In Kolkata, I just happened to be walking on Park Street, close to Mother Theresas’ statue when I saw them: A group of people had gathered together with signs and candles. When I approached them, curious, a man told me they were protesting against politics of hate, and asked me if I wanted to join. Of course I wanted to join. Here, there, everywhere: I do not support politics of hate.

Some travelers told me (in other occasions, I was alone that day) not to get into protests in a foreign country, because… shit happens. As you already know if you have been reading a little bit my blog, I am sick and tired of the “shit happens”. Shit happens everywhere, even in your one house. Period. And injustices and atrocities are happening everywhere and we have to do something about it.

So suddenly there I was, on the front line with a sign in one hand and a candle in the other, remaining silent and serious under the flashes of the journalists, except for when they asked me to speak on tv (!)


Because being a nomad doesn’t mean I got rid of my opinions as I got rid of most of my material belongings. Not at all. There are stronger than ever. And I have always been pro activism, I always felt necessary to raise my voice to protest, and I will keep on doing it. I cannot stay silent in front of injustice. And now I have a new tool: my blog. My travel blog. Because traveling is compatible with activism, with art, with social issues, with fun, with everything. Traveling is life.

A little bit of Kolkata

Kolkata, from Kalikata: the field of Kali, Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction and Power. My favorite. If I had to “kiss some gods’ arse”, as Aravind Adiga says in “The White Tiger”, it would be Kalis. Maybe does it influe in the fact that fell in love with the City of Joy. Or maybe not. Maybe is it just because of all these wonderful people I’ve got to meet here, of the smell of the amazing (and amazingly cheap!) food that follows me wherever I go, of the sweet chai I drink in every corner in clay cups, or of the artistic and cultural events that take place everywhere, at anytime 🙂

Flower market
Flower market


Workers of the Victoria Memorial
Workers of the Victoria Memorial


Having a break
Having a break on the street


Ma'am! Please take a picture of me with this rose!
Ma’am! Please take a picture of me with this rose!


Flower market
Flower market


Morning bath in the Hoghly river
Morning bath in the Hoghly river




Lost in the city, this man offered us a seat, a bottle of water and his precious advices <3
Lost in the city, this man offered me a seat, a bottle of water and his precious advices <3


Workers from the port having a break
Workers from the port having a break


Conversation with Sabir <3

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7 Days in Cuba

Cuba… The Pearl of the Antilles. Viva la revolucion! Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Celia Sanchez, Camilo Cienfuegos! Salsa dancing, cigars smoking and rum drinking! Rock climbing, horse riding, jazz music listening and much more!

Here is the link to the article I’ve written for Travelicious a few weeks ago. You will find there tips and anwsers to frequent questions you may have before traveling to Cuba. I hope you’ll find it usefull 🙂