Well hello there!

Good morning, afternoon or evening 🙂 You have just landed on my blog.

Welcome, my friend! I am glad you decided to take a look over here. This is my very first post. Yes, someday, somehow I had to start writing.

So first of all, let me introduce myself: My nickname is Chela, and I think I might be one of the happiest person on earth.

I love traveling, getting to know new places, new people, new cultures, and I am very fond of arts en general. I also have a special interest about history,  anthropology and alternative medicine.

I will keep this blog updated on my past, present and futur travels, from South to North and East to West and the other way round, in order to give you the best advices possible and amazing stories about traveling in this wonderful world.

Keep smiling!

Watching the Mayan ruins of Palenque, en Mexico
Watching the Mayan ruins of Palenque, en Mexico